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3 Tips to Handle Negative Yelp Reviews for Local Businesses

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Since its inception in 2004 Yelp has joined the leagues of Google and Facebook in terms of providing unbiased local business reviews, based on public opinion.

The online platform has the ability to sway the opinion of online community.

According to a customer review survey performed by Brightlocal, an SEO and local citation website 92% of customers read online reviews to determine whether a local business is a good one. 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And, not only is maintaining positive reviews online important for the reputation of your business, but it is also considered a ranking factor for Local SEO. Read More

SEO Keywords In Online Reviews

The Importance of SEO Keywords in your Online Reviews

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Most businesses are aware of the importance of keywords embedded in website text when it comes to driving their site up the search rankings. However many businesses are missing an opportunity when it comes to including keywords in review forms and invitations to review.

In this guide, we look at what Google says about reviews, then go through the steps you need to follow to set up an effective review template. There’s a Quick Start guide at the end to remind you of what you need to do.

Google says reviews matter – here’s why: Read More

[Infographic] The hidden harms of drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace.

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A common stereotype of the digital marketing industry is one of hard-working over-caffeinated nerdy types working tirelessly throughout the night to try and solve the puzzle of better search rankings and digital marketing performance.

One aspect of the industry that isn’t often discussed is the use of substances. I recently came across this great info graphic which, for me, really highlights just how detrimental the misuse of alcohol and illegal drugs in the workplace can be. Not only in digital marketing but much further afield. It definitely gives food for thought.

Problem drinking within the construction industry is a particular problem with 135 in every 1000 workers potentially experiencing a problem with alcohol. The net result; a combination of premature deaths, increased injuries and accidents, and of course the obvious, absenteeism and sick leave. Take a look at the info graphic below and I’m sure you’ll agree it highlights just how widespread the problem this is.

customer satisfaction survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey – A How-To Guide

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Customer reviews need to be managed as carefully as your business reputation or branding. However, this can be very time consuming. We’ve taken a look at how software can now manage the whole process, from quickly getting a survey online to managing responses, saving a great deal of time and helping your business do better in search rankings. And we also address how to beat customer review fatigue, and get those reviews coming in.

Reviews are a fact of life for businesses today and they’re incredibly helpful in highlighting what the business does well and what needs improvement. But for many businesses, the growing number of social media platforms and the need to curate reviews mean that managing customer reviews is taking up time that would be better spent growing the business. Read More

Do Online Reviews Help With Search Engine Optimization?

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In the proverbial “alphabet soup” of digital marketing strategies, SEO tends be the most widely discussed. Many focus upon topics such as keywords and HTML tags, but the fact of the matter is that user-generated reviews can have a massive impact upon SERP rankings and therefore, the success of the your business as a whole. Let us take a look at why these reviews are able to benefit a budding enterprise as well as how they can be enhanced through the power of social media. Read More

Google Review Link How To Guide

Google Review Link [How To]

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With more than 90% of customers researching online before making contact with a business, having positive Google reviews is great for SEO and vital to the success of any small to medium enterprise. In this guide we’ll show you how to create a short Google review link in under 5 minutes so you can start to generate more online reviews.

Businesses need positive reviews in order to turn browsers into buyers. Google business reviews in particular are widely trusted, often as much as personal recommendations from friends and family members: because they are linked to a personal email address customers can be far more confident that they’re genuine. Read More

How to add reviews to your Facebook Page

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Facebook reviews are a critical part of any businesses’ online marketing strategy, they demonstrate credibility, approachability, and show your prospective customers that you can be trusted. In this article we’ll show you how to add reviews to your Facebook page in 4 simple steps.

Making sure your customers leave reviews of your business can be a tricky process, even though actually leaving reviews is quite straightforward. That’s because the perceived effort can be quite high. Read More

Segment Your Customers For More Sales

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Knowing your customer based on their group or sub-group is what segmentation is all about. Essentially, it’s the separation of your customer based on certain demographics, preferences, or previous feedback.

In a previous blog post we discussed the idea of making your request for an online review appropriate. With segmentation, the process is taken a step further. If your customer feedback isn’t segmented in any way, then it can have at least two negative effects: Firstly, anyone reading a review of your business can’t tell whether they are looking at something that is relevant to their needs. Secondly, it means you will find it harder to respond to any review you receive appropriately. Read More

Customer Survey Questions Blog Post

What Customer Survey Questions Should I Use?

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What Customer Survey Questions Should I Use – Better Online Reviews Part II

In part one we discussed the importance of precisely when you ask for customer feedback, in part two we’ll look at what goes into great customer survey questions.

A mistake that’s frequently made by business owners and marketing professionals when they are soliciting a review of their business’ service is simply asking too many questions.

Just like getting the timing wrong, putting a huge list of questions to your customers becomes irksome. Even clients who have felt positively about the entire sales process can end up leaving you a downbeat review if you go on and on drilling down into every aspect of your business. It is worth bearing in mind, after all, that some questions you might ask are going to be entirely irrelevant to certain customers depending on why they have turned to your business in the first place. For instance, if you sell food, then why would you ask a question about how well the food was heated if the customer in question has only bought a sandwich? This example brings us neatly to the subject of appropriateness. Read More

Online Review Management Dashboard

Better Online Reviews – Part One

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All businesses can do with better online reviews. Even if your business is of the bricks and mortar type, as opposed to operating entirely in the online world, your internet-based reputation is crucial. This is because many customers, new and existing, will seek out the opinions of others. Without adequate reviews, you may find that existing customers try out your competitors. Equally, a lack of good online reviews can mean that some would-be clients are put off, perhaps wondering whether or not you are a genuine business at all.

Many small and medium enterprises rely just as much on word of mouth recommendations to gain new business and to grow as they do on traditional marketing techniques. In the online world, you can consider your online reviews to be the equivalent of a word of mouth recommendation or testimonial. Indeed, research has shown that 84 per cent of people trust online reviews just as much as they would a word of mouth recommendation. Read More